Free Tools to Help You Stay Organized this School Year

Classroom organization – whether you love binders and making lists or can’t keep track of anything, having an organized classroom is essential to maximize student learning. Not only can it help your students, but it can also save you hours of time in lesson planning and grading. While buying color-coordinating bins can get expensive, not all organizational tools have to cost an arm and a leg. That’s why I gathered this list of free organization tools for teachers like you!

Here are a few of my favorite no-cost organization tools to help get your new school year off on the right foot.

Free Organization Tools for Teachers - free printables to keep you organized this school year.

Free Teacher Checklist/Grade Sheet

One way I help myself stay organized is by having a teaching binder. I created these fillable checklist forms to help me keep track of important information. That includes grades I need to enter into my digital grade book and who has (or hasn’t) brought back that field trip permission form.

I love that these are fillable PDFs. I can type my student list at the beginning of the school and save it for use all year.

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When I fill up a grade record or checklist, I just hop into the file and print a new one. This saves me a ton of time rewriting my student list over and over. It literally takes me two seconds to hit print.

Since we are all busy, I wanted to share this free checklist/ assignment tracker with you.

You can get them here.

Teacher To-Do Lists

If you’ve read my article about creating a burn-out prevention plan, you’ve probably already seen these awesome to do lists.

These lists aim to identify the three most important things you need to get done and DO THEM!

Free Printable To Do List

We’ve all had that mega-long list that never actually gets done. This organization tool prevents you from feeling overwhelmed. Break your list into easy-to-tackle chunks based on priority.

You can grab the template by entering your email below:

Small Group Instruction Forms

These editable forms, created by Stephanie over at The Learning Chambers, are an easy way to keep track of your small group instruction.

Use sticky notes to record notes and important info for each student in your small group. Find out more about how Stephanie uses these forms in her classroom here.

Copy, File, Grade Drawer Labels

Do you have a set of Sterlite drawers you use to capture all your paper clutter? Then you need these.

These colorful drawer labels were created by Caitlin at Teaching Sweet Shoppe. They’ll keep you organized and hide those stacks of paper from view.

You can grab these drawer labels here.

Free Sub Binder Templates

Tired of trying to get things together for your substitute? Wish you had a ready-to-go binder with everything you need?

Grab these free fillable sub binder templates and prep once at the beginning of the year. Easy to use, print and go!

Free Sub Binder

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