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This Valentine STEM activity is great to use as a Valentine’s Day party activity or as part of your February science lessons in class. That’s why I planned this activity to build academics into the holiday excitement. Blending Valentine’s Day fun into your February lesson plans keeps students engaged and helps keep skills fresh. Of course, this is always one of my students’ favorite activities. (Another is our Valentine’s Day service-learning activity.) I love it because it is super low prep and really keeps kids engaged.

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A February Conversation Heart STEM Activity

In this low prep Valentine’s Day STEM activity, students try to create the tallest tower they can from conversation hearts. In the process, they work through the scientific method. This includes: generating a hypothesis, creating a plan, and analyzing the data they collect.

Here’s a quick overview of all the skills covered through this February STEM project:

Valentine's STEM Activity
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  • Scientific method
  • Graphing using a bar graph
  • Addition & subtraction of 2-digit numbers
  • Comparing and ordering numbers
  • Division
  • Analyzing & revising a plan based on data
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Writing to share results and conclusions

What’s included in this Valentine’s Day STEM Resource?

Because we all know how busy things can be around Valentine’s Day, this February STEM Challenge was designed to make things easy. Firstly, I’ve included step-by-step directions. In addition, there is a list of inexpensive materials needed for the project.

Although the total cost of this activity is typically less than $5, I’ve also included a pre-written note you can send home to families to ask them if they’ll donate a bag of conversation hearts for this activity.

Finally, there’s a three-page student recording sheet. This is where students will record and analyze their data and write a plan for how they might approach this project in the future. Moreover, you can collect this to monitor student understanding as you wrap up the project.

I’ve also created a free digital upgrade to this resource. You’ll find information on how to access this update on page 2 of the file.

Digital February STEM Challenge
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What you’ll need to do this February STEM activity

First off, the materials list for this activity is purposefully short and inexpensive.

You can procure most items at a local dollar store or purchase at any store that has a Valentine’s Day candy selection.

To implement this activity, you’ll need:

  • 2-3 bags of conversation hearts
  • A clean surface for stacking hearts
  • Calculators (optional)

In addition, you’ll get a pre-written parent letter. This letter asks for candy heart donations. Therefore, you can just print and send this home to simplify prep on your end.

Valentine STEM Valentine STEM Activities
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What do teachers have to say about this Valentine’s Day activity?

My students THOROUGHLY enjoyed this STEM activity. We did this around Valentine’s Day. My students were engaged and very competitive! 😉

Mrs. M

4th Grade Teacher

VALENTINE’S DAY HIT! I loved this! I have done heart stacking before, but this turned the fun activity into a well-planned and meaningful cross-curricular STEM activity. This cooperative STEM activity worked perfectly with my 5th graders and hit all academic areas!

Lesley B.

3rd Grade Teacher

My students loved this activity for Valentine’s day! They had fun competing against one another to see who could make the tallest heart tower!

Stephanie K.

Middle School Special Ed

How to purchase this Valentine’s STEM resource

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Ready to get started with some hands-on February fun?

In conclusion, if you’re interested in using this resource, you can purchase it on my website or at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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