5 Must-See Presidents Day Videos for Kids – Great for Teachers

Presidents Day is a great chance to help your students learn more about the history and importance of the US presidency. Why not incorporate some videos into your lessons to make learning this topic fun and engaging? YouTube has a fantastic selection of educational content that can help bring the presidency alive for your students – from historical documentaries to interactive quizzes.

Presidents Day videos for kids

My Top 5 Favorite Presidents’ Day Videos for Kids

I’ve put together a list of the best Presidents Day videos on YouTube – perfect for making learning about the presidency entertaining, engaging, and full of valuable info. So, sit back, relax and get ready to explore the best Presidents Day videos on YouTube!

1. History of the Holidays: Presidents Day

This video is a great introduction to the history of Presidents’ Day. Your students will get a good overview in a short time.

2. President’s Day by Anne Rockwell

This read-aloud of the book Presidents’ Day by Anne Rockwell is both interesting and informative.

3. Daily Bellringer: Presidents’ Day Explained

Daily Bellringer is another excellent option if you’re looking for something a little more in-depth this Presidents’ Day. Plus, they’ve got all sorts of other social studies topics on their YouTube page.

4. Why Abraham Lincoln Grew a Beard

While not directly related to Presidents’ Day, this story is a great one if you’re teaching about Lincoln and Washington and is perfect for younger learners.

5. U.S. Presidents Song

Looking to review all the presidents we’ve had so far? Here’s a great, upbeat song that starts with Washington and goes through President Biden.

How will you teach students about Presidents’ Day this year?

Whether you prefer to use one of the Presidents Day videos I shared above, a Presidents’ Day read aloud, a WebQuest, novel study, or another method of introducing this holiday to students, I hope you’ll have a chance to cover this holiday and hit some social studies standards along the way.

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