Simple Student Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank this Winter

Every winter holiday, teachers are faced with the challenge of finding inexpensive student gifts. Sure, buying a gift for every student in your class would be easy if you were made of money!

But right now you’re probably trying to scrape together enough money to cover all the other gifts you need to buy let alone the 30-50 gifts for your students. Instead of cheap trinkets that end up in the trash, check out these ideas for your students that are actually useful.

Easy and inexpensive gifts for students from teachers
Simple Student Gifts that Won't Break the Bank this Winter 8

My Favorite Inexpensive Gifts for Students from Teachers

We’re almost to the end of the semester and (hopefully) it’s been a productive one.

I reached out to some of my teacher friends on Facebook last night and asked them a simple question: “What is your favorite easy, inexpensive gift to give your students?” I compiled their responses in this post, so you can take a look for yourself!

From homemade cookies, games, or books – there are so many options out there.

Inexpensive Student Gift Ideas for Teachers

5. Gloves

Of course, the first thought is who wants gloves. However, when you really stop to think about it there are so many students who come unprepared for the winter weather.

Even in Texas, I see kiddos at recess freezing cold (its all relative) that could use a pair of gloves.

5Gloves student gifts,inexpensive gifts for students from teachers

Inexpensive, stretchy gloves can make a great student gift and can be found at your local dollar store or at the Target Dollar Spot each and every winter.

Add a cute gift tag and a candy cane, and you are good to go!

4. Simple Card Games

Winter break is often a time when families can spend some time together. Pick up cheap card games (or your math games) to create a gift that the whole family can enjoy and can help prevent the holiday slide.

Games student gifts,inexpensive gifts for students from teachers

This pair of two simple card games was less than a dollar at Walmart. You can even split the pack to make two gifts. Add a candy cane, tag, and a ribbon to each to stretch your dollar even further.

3. Holiday Cookies

This one is for all the bakers out there (oh, how I wish I were like you!!). With two quick batches of cookies you’ve got your class covered.

A quick tip for those of you non-bakers (aka ME!), the yummy cookies pictured below are pumpkin cream cheese chip and were only $4 for 24 cookies at Target.

Cookies student gifts,inexpensive gifts for students from teachers

Place two cookies in a snack size ziplock bag, and they make the perfect snack-sized gift for the last day of school before break starts.

Looking to make it a little more interactive? Here’s an option that allows your students to get in on the fun of your gift:

  • Bring in sugar cookies and set up a “Decorate Your Own Cookie” station for the last 30 minutes before your students start winter break.
  • Bring snack bags and tags, and let the kiddos enjoy frosting and sprinkling to their heart’s content.

2. Snow Dough

Have a few minutes and a bottle of conditioner on your hands? Then you can make SNOW DOUGH!! Add cornstarch (and glitter if you are extra fun) to make “Snow Dough”. The consistency is somewhere between playdough and Oobleck. Create a bag of 2-3 “snowballs” for each student.

Snow Dough student gifts,inexpensive gifts for students from teachers

These are a great sensory tool and kids love to create their own sculptures. Be sure to choose a smell you like for your conditioner. The scent stays around for a LONG time!

1. Hot Cocoa Kits

There is nothing more comforting on a cold winter day than a warm cup of hot chocolate.

I love doing fancy hot cocoa packs for my students., like the one you see in the picture below. Of course, this does cost a little extra, but you can always use a more basic cocoa packet to reduce the cost.

1Cocoa student gifts,inexpensive gifts for students from teachers

Just assemble the gift by putting a packet of cocoa into the bag with a  few marshmallows. If you want to get fancy, you can even grab the fun holiday marshmallows they have now. The stores near me carry Christmas tree and snowman shapes.

And a candy cane or two as a stir stick to make a sweet treat that your students can enjoy on a chilly day.

Holiday gift giving doesn’t need to be stressful!

If you don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on gifts, think about all the ‘small things’ that cost less but mean a lot to kids. Don’t feel pressured to buy something big or expensive, and you can even think of ways to get gifts free if you plan early enough.

The ideas above are just a few examples of great holiday gifts for your learners. Share your favorites in the comments below!

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