Personal Narrative Writing Activities for Digital Learning

Helping students develop as writers can be challenging during remote learning, but you can teach students how to identify and create quality writing about small moments with these Digital Personal Narrative Writing Activities.

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What’s included in these Personal Narrative Writing Activities?

There are four activities included in the Digital Personal Narrative Writing resource.

  • The Small Moment Concept Refinement Sort helps solidify what a small moment is using examples and non-examples.
  • A brainstorming graphic organizer to help students generate small moments from the special events in their lives.
  • Step-by-step prewriting organizer to help students visualize their story and identify sensory details to include in their draft.
  • Differentiated personal narrative writing prompts designed to help students build strategies for writing to a prompt

Small Moment Concept Refinement Sort

The Concept Refinement Sort has students practice identifying examples of small moments using a T-chart. There are two versions of the concept refinement sort included allowing you to use one for guided practice and assign the second as an assignment.

Small Moment Concept Refinement Sort for Personal Narratives

Personal Narrative Brainstorming Organizer

This graphic organizer helps students move from understanding the concept of a small moment to applying it to their own experiences.

Students can generate writing ideas or use ideas they may have written in their writing journal earlier in the year. They then break these down to identify three small moments that they could write a personal narrative about.

Digital Brainstorming organizer for Personal Narrative Writing

Once students finish, you can give them an opportunity to share on a virtual platform, like Jamboard, and select which they’d like to write about.

Personal Narrative Pre-writing Organizer

This prewriting organizer helps students visualize and record important sensory details that they’ll include in their writing. It is laid out as a series of text boxes and areas for images, which means students can even insert real photos to help them recall the important details.

Digital Pre-Writing Organizer Personal Narrative Writing

The step-by-step process helps ensure students think about important aspects of their story before they begin writing, which can help simplify the process of revising later.

Differentiated Writing Prompts with Scaffolds

Since many states require students to write personal narratives using a given prompt as part of their state testing, this pack also includes opportunities to practice this skill.

Twelve Scaffolded writing prompts are provided. These prompts help students to work through the process of generating ideas, selecting a small moment, and outlining the important details of their personal narrative.

Digital Personal Narrative Writing Prompts with Scaffolded Support to Differentiate for Struggling Writers

These are a great tool to use with your struggling or reluctant writers because they offer supports that make the process of generating a personal narrative less overwhelming.

How to purchase these Digital Personal Narrative Activities

Digital Personal Narrative Writing Activities

This Personal Narrative Writing: Digital Activities for Distance Learning is available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

In addition to the digital version, this is also available in print or as a print and digital bundle.

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