Teaching & Differentiated Instruction

Using differentiated instruction to support all learners is expected in today’s classroom. Despite knowing the impact of differentiation, it can feel overwhelming for teachers when faced with mile-long list of expectations on their plates. Combine this with the expectation that all teachers follow the exact same lesson plans, and it can be easy to see why many of us lose site of the instructional techniques and strategies we know are best for learners. 

However, successful differentiation doesn’t have to be hugely time-consuming or require multiple lesson plans to be effective. Learn more about the benefits of differentiated instruction in math, language arts and the content areas, and find strategies and tools to help engage all your learners in standards-based instruction. 

Differentiated instruction Across the Curriculum

Need some ideas to help you address the diverse needs of your classroom? Check out these ready-to-implement ideas for supporting all learners through differentiated instruction. These strategies and resources are designed to be used immediately for building student skills and confidence. 

How to Differentiate Reading Activities to Help Struggling Learners
strategies to support struggling readers in science and social studies
assessing motivation

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Looking for more teaching strategies and ideas for your subject area? As teachers, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to engage our students and teach the standards. To make it easy, I’ve organized everything by subject area. You’ll find ideas for differentiated instruction, lesson plan suggestions, and more all at the click of a button.  Just click on the subject(s) you teach to read more. 


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Finding high-quality, engaging resources for your classroom can be a challenge. Select your grade level to see resources designed with struggling learners in mind. 

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picture comprehension


Using photos instead of text can level the playing field for struggling readers. This format focuses on using photographs to practice comprehension skills to build confidence and competence without decoding interfering. Download a sample set to try it out now. 

    math spiral review teaching math struggling learners


    A high-quality spiral review can make a huge difference in student mastery and retention. This format focuses on five daily problems that follow the same skill set all week to help students build confidence and competence. Download a beginning of year sample set to try it out now.