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Teaching science and social studies when you've got a classroom of struggling learners can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Get strategies and tools to help support your learners in these critical content areas while they work to build the literacy and math skills they need for independence. Learn ways to differentiate and assess to ensure all students can master science and social studies standards in your classroom. You'll find resources and ideas for building content area vocabulary and conceptual understanding designed to support struggling and reluctant learners. 

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Do you have students who need a quick win? Check out these ready-to-implement ideas for science and social studies to struggling learners. These strategies and resources are designed to be used immediately for building content knowledge and skills. 

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Science Safety and Tools Unit Plan for Elementary
strategies to support struggling readers in science and social studies
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Finding high-quality, engaging resources for science and social studies can be a challenge. Select what you're looking for to find resources for teaching science and social studies designed for teaching these content areas with struggling learners in mind. 

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Looking for more strategies and ideas for how to teach science or social studies to your struggling learners? Here are some additional posts to help in your classroom.

You'll find hands-on, engaging lessons, tools and techniques to scaffold for mastery, and ways to help struggling learners grasp challenging science and social studies vocabulary and concepts. 

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