6 Easy Fall Math Stations to Engage Hands-On Learners

When the leaves start falling and the weather gets cooler, it’s time to change your math stations! These easy fall math activities are great for stations. You can also use them as practice activities or during small group. Plus, they will engage your hands-on learners while reviewing beginning-of-year math concepts like place value, number sense, and computation.

Autumn Math Activities for Centers or Small Groups

Apple Addition with Regrouping

These fun apple-themed activities are great for September or October and focus on addition with & without regrouping. Perfect for small groups, there are four activities to choose from that all target adding two-digit numbers through 99.

Fall Math Station - Addition with regrouping

This fun set of center activities includes:

  • A card sort activity with a recording sheet & multiple options for differentiation
  • Printable practice page that extends the card sort
  • A cut & paste activity that requires students to solve double-digit addition problems & compare sums
  • A color-by-code activity that requires students to solve & categorize sums.
Fall Math Center - Addition of 2-digit numbers

Furthermore, these apple-themed math activities include practice with important math skills like the addition of 1-digit by 2-digit numbers, addition of 2-digit by 2-digit numbers with and without regrouping, comparing numbers through 100, and categorizing numbers as even or odd.

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Pumpkin Place Value

Pumpkins become a popular theme during October. Therefore, this pumpkin-themed set of math activities is perfect for reviewing place value through 99,999 as fall continues.

Fall Math Station - Place Value to 99,999

These pumpkin-themed place value activities include:

  • A multi-use card sort activity focused on number sense & converting number formats
  • Printable practice page that extends the card sort + a bonus option for advanced learners
  • Two cut & paste activities
Pumpkin Place Value Fall Math Station

The focus of these activities is on converting numbers between standard, expanded, and word form. However, students also spend time building number sense. This supports more flexible thinking with place value concepts. Finally, the set includes a review of comparing numbers using greater than and less than and categorizing numbers as even and odd.

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Round Up the Turkeys – Estimation & Rounding Activities

I find that my students always need extra practice with rounding and estimation. That’s why I created these fun turkey-themed activities for extra review. They’re great for November! Plus, they review computation & number sense concepts.

Turkey Rounding - Thanksgiving Math Station

These turkey-themed math center activities include:

  • 3-versions of an estimation solve & sort activity with a recording sheet for differentiation (addition, subtraction, & mixed practice)
  • A partner solve & sort activity with multiple options for differentiation
  • A cut & paste activity for individual practice
Turkey Rounding & Estimation Activity

While these math centers focus on rounding and estimation, they also cover a number of other math concepts. For example, students practice addition with and without regrouping. They’ll also review subtraction with and without regrouping. Finally, they’ll touch on comparing/ordering numbers. As always, answer keys are included.

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Monster Multiplication

October is a great time for all things spooky, and monsters fit right in! These monster multiplication activities are great for reviewing math facts.

These monster multiplication math center activities include:

  • A sort & solve activity with a recording sheet to target gaps in fact mastery
  • Partner activity w/ several versions to choose from
  • Three versions of a cut & paste activity for individual practice
  • Word problem draw & solve activity
Monster Multiplication Station fall math stations

The resources cover facts through 12s and target skills like skip counting and multiplicative patterns. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to compare and order numbers. Finally, I’ve embedded a review of even and odd and drawing as a problem-solving strategy in these activities.

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Sweet Subtraction

Halloween is often top of mind when it comes to fall activities. These candy-themed math center activities focus on subtraction. They include great practice with and without regrouping. With differentiated options to offer advanced learners an extra challenge, you’ll find this resource is a great way to keep your whole group engaged this autumn. It is perfect for the with the excitement that comes in the month of October.

Sweet Subtraction 2 1 fall math stations

This sweet candy-themed math center activity includes:

  • Two versions of a subtraction solve & sort activity with a recording sheet
  • A partner solve & sort activity with three versions to choose from
  • Three options for a cut & paste activity for individual practice
Sweet Subtraction fall math stations

This math activity includes options to review 2-digit or 3-digit subtraction with or without regrouping. In addition, it covers subtraction across zeros and comparing numbers.

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Pumpkin Patch Multiplication Task Cards

This final activity is great for third graders! It targets multiplication as repeated addition.  The multiplication task cards focus on arrays. Here’s a fun tip: Pumpkin mini erasers in the Target Dollar Spot make a fun manipulative.

8 fall math stations

With 32 task cards included, you’ll find options for differentiation, from making a simple array (like the example above) to adding two arrays, which will help with later lessons on finding the area. Finally, there are word problems where students multiply based on a given scenario.

Multiplication Math Station - Making Arrays using Pumpkins - Halloween theme.

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Happy Fall!

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