10 super simple ways to appreciate your classroom volunteers without breaking the bank

Parent and community volunteers are an amazing resource. In my classroom, I ask my classroom volunteers to serve many different roles – from supporting us with classroom parties to reading with some friends who may not have someone available at the time – and I’ve never once had them say no to my requests.

Showing my appreciation for all their help is one of my favorites things, but it can be boring to do the same old thank you gift year after year. Today I am going to share some new, super simple volunteer appreciation gifts I am considering this year.

Classroom Volunteer Appreciation classroom volunteers

10 Fun Ideas for Classroom Volunteers

  1. Hand cream – “Thanks for lending a HAND!”
  2. Chocolate chip cookies  – “Thanks for always being willing to CHIP in!”
  3. Flowers  – “I couldn’t have PICKED a better volunteer!”
  4. Plant – “Thank you for helping us GROW!”
  5. Cake – ” You take the CAKE as an awesome volunteer!”
  6. Notecards/Stationary – “Thanks for being a NOTEWORTHY volunteer!”
  7. Mason jar of lifesavers – “You were a LIFESAVER! Thanks for all your help this year.”
  8. Soup mix and a ladle – “Thanks for being a SOUPER helper!”
  9. Peach themed items (jam, lotion, etc.) – “Thanks for being a PEACH and helping out this year.”
  10. Coffee – “Thanks a LATTE for all your help!”

DIY Volunteer Gifts that Work Perfect for Teachers, too!

This year, I decided to go with my take on the last idea. While my position change meant I didn’t have volunteers, I did have teacher gifts that needed to get made for my daughters’ AMAZING teachers.  

I found some super simple white coffee mugs at our neighborhood Walmart for less than a dollar each.

With some cute labels (which you can get free for a limited time here), letter stickers, and a few Sharpies, I transformed them into a super sweet present.

Orange 1 classroom volunteers

You could even let your class decorate and design the mugs to make them unique and personalized!

This would be a really great way to show your appreciation to those volunteers who supported students in class or helped with activities because the students would have a better idea who the volunteers were and what they might enjoy.’

Green 1 classroom volunteers

Just be sure to bake them for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and have the receiver hand wash them.

Another way to use these volunteer appreciation ideas

Not sure you want to commit to mug making? I get it.

If you’re thinking you want easy, check out this quick print-and-go gift cardholder.

IMG 1257 classroom volunteers

Print these on colorful paper, attach a coffee shop gift card, and BAM! Ready-made volunteer appreciation gift.

Get these volunteer appreciation templates free!

Don’t forget to pick up your free labels by clicking the button below!

Click here to get the free gift cards and tags

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