Teaching Place Value

If you've ever wondered how to teach place value to struggling learners, you've come to the right spot. From building conceptual understanding through hands-on place value activities to application with very large and very small numbers, you'll find resources and ideas for teaching place value so students really understand it. 

Learn ways to differentiate and assess to ensure all students are on-track to master these important skills and get tips to address issues when students are struggling with learning place value. Get the resources, ideas, and strategies you need for building the skills and confidence your struggling and reluctant learners need for success. 

Teaching Place Value Strategies for Mastery

Place value is often one of the first topics we teach after summer break. It is also one of the most abstract concepts, which makes it extra difficult for struggling learners. Check out these ready-to-implement ideas for helping your students understand place value. 

These lesson ideas are designed to be used immediately for building place value skills. 

shop for great place value ACTIVITIES & LESSONS

Finding high-quality, engaging resources for teaching place value can be a challenge. Here are some great place value activities to use in your classroom. 

place value strategies for Struggling Learners

Looking for strategies to help students who are still struggling as testing approaches? Here are some additional ideas for supporting students on testing while you address conceptual gaps.

Sometimes students are still struggling with understanding place value as testing approaches. These students need strategies to help them avoid overwhelm and test anxiety. While these strategies are just a band-aid while you continue to work on solidifying the foundation of number concepts, there are ways to help these learners experience success on tests. 

Check out these quick tips and place value activities to help your struggling learners convert, compare, and order numbers. 


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