Teaching Math Facts to Struggling Students

Computation is about more than memorizing math facts, but many students struggle because they lack the foundational skills that are needed to develop as mathematicians. Help your students develop critical thinking skills through meaningful math activities designed to build number sense, computational fluency, and problem solving strategies. 

Learn ways to differentiate and assess to ensure all students are on-track to master essential mathematics standards. You'll find resources & strategies for building skills and confidence with struggling and reluctant learners. 

Getting Started: building computational fluency

Teaching math facts to struggling learners is one way to help boost their ability to focus on developing higher level skills. This foundational skill is a precursor to many of the more rigorous skills that are needed for success in upper elementary and middle school. However, computational fluency comes down to more than just memorization. 

Check out these ready-to-implement ideas for building math fact fluency with struggling students. These strategies and resources are designed to be used immediately for building fact fluency. 

Websites for Teaching Math Fact Practice
teaching math facts to struggling learners with playing cards
teaching math facts

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Finding high-quality, engaging resources for mathematics can be a challenge. Whether you're teaching math facts or trying to build problem solving skills, I've created resources that are designed to be approachable and engaging for all learners. 

Select your grade level to see resources designed for teaching math with struggling learners in mind. 

teaching math facts to struggling Students

Looking for more strategies and ideas for lesson planning and building computational fluency this school year? Here are some additional posts to help with teaching math facts and building mathematical reasoning with the struggling learners in your classroom. 

You'll find hands-on, engaging lessons, intervention tools and techniques, and ways to help struggling learners grasp challenging mathematical concepts. 

Students Struggle wtih Word Problems teaching math facts, computational fluency
Addition with Regrouping
Place Value Manipulatives
Math Problem of the Day
Fall Math Stations
math accommodations
place value interventions

TRY SOMETHING NEW in your math classroom

Ready to try some new classroom resources for teaching math with struggling learners in mind?

Sign up to get a free resource for your classroom and new strategies and ideas. Both options below offer a multi-grade sampler that you can print what you need for your learners. 

problem of the day


This is ideal for students who struggle with multi-step word problems. The simple format consists of a single problem per day to prevent overwhelm and help students master the problem solving strategies you've introduced. Enter your information to get a free trial week.

    math spiral review teaching math struggling learners


    A high-quality spiral review can make a huge difference in student mastery and retention. This format focuses on five daily problems that follow the same skill set all week to help students build confidence and competence. Download a beginning of year sample set to try it out now.