March Math Test Prep Task Cards

It can be hard to get students excited about reviewing skills you’ve taught throughout the year as you prepare for state testing. That’s why it’s important to find fun ways to keep them engaged, like these basketball-themed math test prep task cards.

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What skills will students practice with these math task cards?

Although you’ve likely been doing some type of spiral review throughout the school year, at this point it’s time to begin getting students ready to apply those skills to questions formatted like those they’ll see on state assessments.

basketball math test prep task cards

With the timer ticking down, these task cards help make test prep fun! While classrooms often find ways to build March Madness and the basketball playoffs into reading – such as this March Book Madness Bracket – most of the time math gets left behind.

Help your 3rd or 4th graders review important skills with this set of 28 math test prep task cards. You’ll find practice opportunities that include:

  • Place value
  • Geometry
  • Area & perimeter
  • Measurement
  • Rounding and estimation
  • Computation (including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)

What do I get with this test prep task card set?

Whether you’re planning to use these task cards your whole class as part of a game of SCOOT or during small groups or centers, you’ll find everything you need to quickly and easily prep and get started.

When you purchase this resource, you’ll get 28 colorful, basketball-themed task cards targeting 3-4th grade math skills. The design is meant to be eye-catching and appealing to learners.

Two student answer document formats are included. The first is a booklet that will allow students to turn in the work they do with their answers. This is a good option for centers or when this set is used with struggling learners because it allows you to conduct an error analysis to find gaps for reteaching.

math task card student answer sheet

You’ll also find a second option. This paper-saving format is a single-page answer sheet. You can use this for a class game of SCOOT or when you’re running low on copies. Have your students show their work on the back of hte sheet. However, just know that this format isn’t as conducive to analyzing errors.

Finally, you’ll receive answer keys for quick and easy grading.

How to purchase the Math Test Prep Task Cards

Basketball Task Card math test prep task cards
March Math Test Prep Task Cards 7

This resource is a simple way to bring the excitement of March Madness in your classroom.

These math test prep task cards are can be purchased in the Differentiated Teaching store or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Task Cards in the Digital Classroom

This set has also recently gone through an update. I’m currently offering the option to access a free digital download of this file to both new and previous buyers.

If you already own the set, just redownload your purchase to get your copy.

digital test prep task cards

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