Daily Language Spiral – How to teach grammar & editing and still have a writing block

Finding time to teach foundational language and grammar skills can be a challenge. Many writing blocks are way too short, especially when you've got a wide range of skills in your classroom. One option is to use daily practice to help your students build their knowledge of these basics – like this Daily Language Spiral. This allows you to spend more time applying these skills to authentic writing activities during your writing block.

How will using this Daily Language Spiral help your students?

In under 15 minutes a day, your students will practice essential skills needed to understand the English language. With this easy-to-implement resource you can:

  • Increase your students' knowledge of foundational grammar & language skills
  • Build mastery of grade-level language standards in less than 15 minutes a day
  • Identify gaps in knowledge about conventions and editing and address them quickly & effectively
  • Increase focused writing time during your writing block
  • Grow vocabulary through word study

What's included in the Daily Language Spiral?

  • 36 weeks of daily practice – including daily grammar, word work, and editing practice
  • 5 essential skills per week including: parts of speech, word parts, and conventions
  • Weekly reflections & space for feedback to encourage meta-cognition
  • Scope & sequence to identify target skills for intervention or acceleration
  • Answer keys for easy scoring
  • Available for grades 2-4 (5th Grade coming soon!)

Want to test it out in your classroom?

When it comes to investing in resources for your classroom, it is always better when you can ACTUALLY try something out with your students before you buy it, right?

Just click your grade level below to find out how to access a two-week trial of Daily ELA. 

5th grade language spiral review

Why does it work?

I often get asked about why this Daily Language Spiral is so effective at helping students master the foundations of English grammar and word study.

This resource is designed based on brain research that supports how students learn best. Here are just a few key aspects that boost this resource's effectiveness.

1. There's a focus on mastery learning.

Research (and common sense) tells us that students need multiple opportunities to practice in order to master a skill.

In this resource, students see the same three to five skills all week. This allows them to get consistent feedback and make adjustments as they practice.

By checking work daily, students who struggle can develop a strategy to attack these problems and have models to look back at as the week progresses. 

2. The format is designed for short, consistent practice, unlike boring grammar worksheets.

There are five core skills practiced each day for most grade levels. (Second grade begins with three skills daily until mid-year.) This means your students can complete the practice in under 10 minutes.

This limited practice lets students invest their effort into understanding each component and how they fit together.

In addition, each week ends with an opportunity to reflect and grow as a mathematician.

3. Students have models to look back and across the week.

The one-page format builds in complexity across the week. However, since everything is together, students can use their work from prior days as a model when the questions become more difficult.

These models can help teach students how to problem solve when they get stuck and can support the needs of your struggling learners.

4. The skills spiral throughout the year giving students repeated chances to practice and review.

The spiraled format allows you to reteach and pre-teach grammar, spelling, and editing skills without wasting precious minutes of your writing block.  

Repeated exposure to skills and essential vocabulary can help support your students and break down barriers to mastery. 

Here's what teachers like you had to say about this product:

“Worth EVERY PENNY! This has been the best resource I have used all year! I love how each day of the week builds on from the previous day! Thank you! “
“This is my favorite TPT resource! I use this in my fifth grade classroom and it makes it easy to squeeze in important grammar skills each day. Thank you so much for this resource! I love the format, it is so easy for the kids (and me) to follow.”
“I absolutely love everything about this product! It is a perfect quick daily review of important concepts and each day builds on each other. I love the fact that it is just one page per week per student. I also love the reflect and grow piece at the bottom! It is just all around what I was looking for!”

So what are you waiting for?  

You don't have to rely on boring worksheets or long practice sessions to get your students to master basic language skills. All you need is 10-15 minutes per day! 

Join the hundreds of educators who have finally found time to fit in all in during writing. Let this be the year you stop stressing about teaching grammar and start getting more done.

Just click on your grade level to access a free week now!

5th grade language spiral review