When students struggle to manage their behavior it can feel overwhelming! As teachers, it can be easy to get frustrated when a student or student consistently interrupts the classroom and interferes with learning. Few of us were trained with how to effectively address challenging behaviors in the classroom so we're left to fend for ourselves. As a result, the behavior continues to spiral out of control until the student is ultimately sent to the office or identified as needing special education services. 

But what if I told you it doesn't have to be that way? There are ways we can help many of these students experience success in our classroom through some purposeful planning and easily implemented interventions. That isn't even the best part! You'll find these strategies and resources can help students get back on-track, giving you more time to teach and helping you leave your classroom at the end of the day with more energy. 

getting started: behavior supports & interventions

Already have a student in mind? Check out these ready-to-implement ideas for addressing behavior challenges. These strategies and resources are designed to be used immediately as long as you've identified a possible function of the behavior that you're seeing. 

Interventions for escape behaviors
Interventions for Attention Seeking behavior
Interventions for Sensory Behaviors

learn more about behavior intervention & sel

Looking for more strategies and ideas to address behavior needs? Here are some additional posts to help with planning and implementing behavior interventions in your classroom.

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Ready to try some new classroom resources for supporting students struggling with behavior?

Sign up to get a free resource for your classroom. The Classroom Cool Down Kit is designed to help you get started creating a safe space in your classroom, while the Data Documentation Checklist will help you track the important behavior intervention data. 

Cool Down Area Break Cards
RTI Data Organizer